The Simard Family

A Brief History of the Migration of the
Simards From France to the United States



This web site, which is a work in progress, is dedicated to all the families that bear the name of Simard or have a heritage linked with it. From my own research, it would appear that all of us who bear a link to this name are descended from one common ancestor, Antoine Simard. Through several generations of his descendents who lived in France there came a man, Nöel Simard, who, along with his father Pierre, migrated to the new world French settlement of Quebec, Canada in 1657. Indeed, a great many of his descendants continue to reside in Canada today along with a considerable number who have migrated to numerous other countries. My own particular Simard family line migrated from Canada to the North Eastern United States during the late 19th century.


I have set up this web site in order permit members of the Simard family lines to learn of their history and give them a chance to share a bit of the history of their own lineages with others who bear the name. For all intents and purpose the history I will attempt to convey, as contained herein, shall be primarily limited to that of the descendents of Noel Simard who are now living in Canada and the United States.


On the 21st of June 1957, a group of French Canadians organized the Simard Tricentenary celebration in Quebec. This date marked the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Nöel and Pierre Simard into that community. This event was organized to note and celebrate the personalities of the their first ancestors in Canada, their admirable works and the important positions that their progeny then occupied in Canadian life. This event was also noted and attended by many of their additional descendents from the United States. The group also published a book, through The Historic Society of Saguenay, regarding this event and the history of their ancestors. This book, Contemporary of the Great King, a Biography of Nöel Simard dit Lombrette by Paul Médéric, which I attempted to translate from the original French language, has served as a basis for the information contained herein. This information is not and was not intended to be a perfect translation, as the translator is not a professional in such matters or even a native French speaker. This translation was also not intended to violate any copyright laws or otherwise infringe on legal rights that may held by any third party. It is only intended that this historical information may be circulated to as many of the English speaking descendants of Nöel Simard as possible, so that they will be better able to learn more about our common ancestry.


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